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Eleuterio Ruiz Diaz was born in the Chaco Province in Argentina. Diaz’s style is unique to him, a style he calls “crazy.” Growing up, he had no money to afford traditional materials for painting but he always felt within himself that he could paint. Diaz never received formal education for painting because it “bored” him and so he painted using whatever he could find. At 27 he began painting with his hands, feet, and any other thing he could use to create a work to express how he felt in his heart and soul. Immense joy consumes him, rarely but at times, when he is sad, it can be seen by the colors used during one of his artistic sessions. As he explained, he becomes, “transported to another state of being, like within a trance, letting the painting talk to [him],” telling him what to do, where to paint and what is missing. His inspiration comes from within himself and anything he sees in the present moment. Diaz begins to envision landscapes, vehicles, people, buildings, animals. He never knows what he is going to paint or when, raw emotion takes control and he begins to paint whatever he feels on any surface, not just canvases. Walls, clothes, trees, houses, all are possible canvases for his art.

“Art and its creation has no limits, I am free to express myself whenever I am overcome by happiness.”



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